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Original Grant and Layout, 1772  
State of NH, Township Grants Included in the Masonian Patent, Vol 27
Gilmanton Charter-1727 
Gilmanton  New Hampshire As It is-In Three Parts-1855
The History of Gilmanton, Daniel Lancaster, 1845
  • Index to the History of Gilmanton, This is a supplement to the index printed in the History, and contains many more cites. It does appear, though that there are names missed in the production of this copy for us as well as a missing page between Sarah Weed and Samuel Wentworth.
Granted May 20, 1727, to Nicholas Gilman and others. The grant was confirmed by the Masonian Proprietors, June 30, 1752. Governor's Island was annexed Dec. 30, 1799- Gilford was set off and incorporated June 16, 181 2. A tract of land was severed and annexed to Gilford July 5, 1851. Belmont was set off and incorporated as Upper Gilmanton, June 28, 1859. See Masonian Papers in following volumes; IX, Bouton Town Papers, 302, 456, XII, Hammond Town Papers, 1; Index to Laws, 207; papers under title Kingswood; History, by Daniel Lancaster, 1845, PP- 304 '1 sketch by S. S. N. Greeley, Hurd's History of Belknap County, 1885, p. 785; Glimpses of the History of Old Gilmanton, by J. E. Fullerton, 3, Granite Monthly, 304; Sketch of History, Geology, etc., by William Prescott, 1, Farmer and Moore's Historical Collections, 72; Stewart's History of the Free Baptists, 1862, pp. 162, 302; Baptist Churches in N. H., by E. E. Cummings, 1836, p. 8; The Badger Homestead, by F. M. Colby, 6 Granite Monthly, 76; Bills of Mortality, 1825-50, by Daniel Lancaster, 6, Collections of N. H. Historical Society, 244; Biographical Notices of Physicians in, by Daniel Lancaster, 1, N. H. Repository, 65; Lawrence's N. H. Churches, 1856, pp. 490, 494, 496.]  State of NH, Town Charters, With Maps, Plans, and Indexes, Volume 25

Gilmanton was granted in 1727 by Governor John Wentworth. It was settled in 1761 by Benjamin Mudgett. It was set off from Rockingham county in 1771 and became a part of Strafford county. "Governor's Island" was annexed in 1799. "Gunstock Parish" was set off and incorporated as Gilford in 1812. Gilmanton ranked as the second town in the state in 1827, Londonderry being first. Gilmanton was embraced in the new county of Belknap in 1840. In 1851 part of the town was annexed to Gilford. In 1859 part of the town was set off and incorporated as "Upper Gilmanton," which later became Belmont. First congressional, second councilor and sixth senatorial districts. Population, 968.  Gilmanton and Atkinson Academy Grant was made by the legislature to Gilmanton academy and Atkinson academy in equal shares in 1809 and contained about 13,000 acres.  1917 Manual for the NH General Court

Previous to 1859 the section comprising the present Town of Belmont was a part of the Town of Gilmanton. In 1761 the proprietors of Gilmanton laid off a tract, six miles square, on the Barnstead line. This section was thereafter known as the Lower Parish. The rest of the Town was divided into two parts-Gunstock Parish on the northeast and Upper Gilmanton, or, as it was called later, the Upper Parish, on the southwest. In June 1812, Gunstock Parish was severed from Gilmanton and incorporated as a town under the name of Gilford. Previous to this time the term Upper Parish appears to have been applied to the whole section of the town lying north of the Lower Parish; subsequently, it was employed to describe what is now the Town of Belmont. Therefore, some of the early records of the Town of Gilmanton, until 1859, remain in the vault at the Town Clerk's office in the Town of Belmont.

Gilmanton Records to be found in the Belmont Town Hall
     Town Meetings & Other - 1786-1795 A

Cemeteries Around Lake Winnipesaukee, Glenn A. Knoblock  An Images of America Publication  Chapter Ten-The Gilmantons
Civil War New Hampshire Unit Regimental Index
Civil War New Hampshire in the Civil War
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New Hampshire As It Is-In Three Parts - 1855

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