Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

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Gilmanton Records

Burial Grounds and Cemeteries in Gilmanton were initially privately established to serve a person, family, group or area.  None were initially created by the Town to serve the community.  As a result, there are no records for most of the sites and some records for a few. 

When Marion and Phil McIntyre moved to Gilmanton with their family in 1957, Marion developed a great curiosity about the cemeteries.  She spoke with many whose families had been here for generations and they were generous with their knowledge.  One such person was Lois Brown.  Marion spent many quiet hours with Lois who fanned the flames of Marion's curiosity about Gilmanton's history into a life-long passion. 

LeavittMarion went to every grave in every burial ground she could locate.  She recorded all of the information she found. She followed research trails across the state.  People began to contact her about forgotten sites and lost graves and she gathered quite a following of helpers who found lost sites, raked out debris and found fallen stones.  Marion was elected as a Trustee of Cemeteries in 1989, a position she held until her retirement in 2012. 

The records below are available through the cooperation of Marion and the Gilmanton Cemetery Trustees.  Additional information is gratefully accepted.  See our Resources page for other options.

The American Legion Auxiliary developed a keystone project to identify and catalog the burial site for all Veterans interred in Gilmanton.  A description of their project, the current list of locations and a form to submit additional information are listed below:
Veterans at Rest – Keystone Project
Veterans at Rest Data Form
Veterans at Rest List to Date


Gilmanton Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

Gilmanton cemeteries damaged in rash of disturbances   10/08/2019 Daily Sun

Cemeteries Around Lake Winnipesaukee, Glenn A. Knoblock  An Images of America Publication  Chapter Ten-The Gilmantons

Information on additional sites will be loaded in the future

Beech Grove Cemetery

Gilmanton cemeteries damaged in rash of disturbances   10/08/201Daily Sun

Buzzell Cemetery

Buzzell Cemetery is located at 121 Shellcamp Road. The Cemetery is owned and operated by the Town of Gilmanton, Cemetery Trustees.

1991 Buzzell Cemetery New Section Layout
1989 Buzzell Cemetery Old Section Layout
1988 Buzzell Cemetery Survey New and Old Sections

Friends Burial Ground

Gilmanton cemeteries damaged in rash of disturbances  10/08/2019 Daily Sun
Quakers Deed Cemetery to Town  1992
Richard F. Varney Bequest - Land and Cemetery and Land Trust Fund

Hillside Cemetery

The Hillside Cemetery is located at the end of Edgerly Road, Tax Lot 116-015. The Cemetery is owned and operated by the Town of Gilmanton

1949 Cemetery Map

Pine Grove Cemetery

Pine Grove Cemetery is located at 730 Stage Road, Tax Lot 417-017. The Cemetery is owned and operated by the Pine Grove Cemetery Association.

1893 Cemetery Map

Shannon, Ephraim - Stone

Pine Grove Cemetery is private & not maintained by town Laconia Daily Sun
Gilmanton has allowed Pine Grove Cemetery to remain unkept Laconia Daily Sun

Smith Meeting House Cemetery

Smith Meeting House Cemetery is adjacent to 451 Meeting House Road, Tax Lot 414-044. The Cemetery is owned and operated by the Smith Meeting House Cemetery Association.

1935 Cemetery Map

Wilson Hill Burial Ground

Wilson Hill Burial Ground is located at 125 Upper City Road, Tax Lot 426-002, at the rear of the developed portion of the property. Notice to the homeowner is requested when visiting this site.  The site has historically been known as the Kelly or Wilson Hill cemetery.

The burial ground is approximately 70'x70' (.12ac), surrounded by stone walls with one gated entrance. The earliest known burial is 1796, Capt. Samuel Kelley (1731-1796); however, there are also unmarked stones within the grounds

The maintenance fund for this site does not currently produce sufficient annual income for its maintenance and the balance of the maintenance cost is paid by the taxpayers of the Town of Gilmanton. Donations of any amount to the fund are very much appreciated. 

Wilson Hill Town Records     Wilson Hill Other Info    Wilson Hill Pictures