NH RSA 51:2 Perambulation of Town Lines. – The lines between the towns in this state shall be perambulated, and the marks and bounds renewed, once in every 7 years forever, by the selectmen of the towns, or by such persons as they shall in writing appoint for that purpose.  Perambulation Records are maintained by the Board of Selectmen.

The History of Perambulation in New Hampshire  NHMA
360 Years of Perambulation  NHMA
Discovering a Forgotten Bound  NHMA

"Canterbury and Gilmanton - Mss. "Town Boundaries," p. 181]. June ye begining 1750 the boundary Line between Gilmonton and Canterbury was prambulated by John page Esqr & Jona Connor Committee for Gilmonton and Capt Jeramiah Clough and Sargt Josiah Miles Select men of Canterbury and the Line was Run by Nathan Sanborn Survayer the bounds next to Chichester a beach the Line between Gilmonton & Canterbury Runs N W the bounds next to ye e River a black ash.  Thomas Clough Clerk  1728-1729"

NH Stonewall Project

Mapping your stone walls

Check out the NH Stone wall Mapper to see if your stones walls are included.  This is a crowdsourcing project with interactive mapping.  See more at the project webpage

Crowdsourcing New Hampshire's love affair with stone walls
  Concord Monitor 01/15/19


Belknap County

Date Author Subject
1892 D.H. Hurd & Co Belknap County, NH


Date Author Subject
2015 NH DOT Nodal Reference
2010 Town of Gilmanton Zoning Map
1991 Buzzell Cemetery Association Buzzell Cemetery New Section Layout
1991 Town of Gilmanton Roads
1989 Town of Gilmanton Roads
1989 Town of Gilmanton Zoning Map
1989 DMC Surveyors Buzzell Cemetery Old Section Layout
1988 DMC Surveyors Buzzell Cemetery Survey New and Old Sections
1987 USGS Belmont Quadrangle
1987 USGS Gilmanton IW Quadrangle
1987 USGS Loudon Quadrangle
1976 Town of Gilmanton Roads
1972 Town of Gilmanton Discontinued Roads
1967 K.J. Miller Co Valley Shores Family Club Section II
1965 1900 1860 NH DRED/Town of Gilmanton Conservation Commission Buildings Locations-3 years
NH DRED/Town of Gilmanton Conservation Commission & Historical Society Buildings Locations-3 years plus Owners-2 years
NH DRED/Town of Gilmanton Conservation Commission & Historical Society Above Listings Sorted by:
1860 Owner
1965 Owner
NH DRED/Town of Gilmanton Conservation Commission & Historical Society Same map as above, but overlaid by the Gilmanton Range Map
1959 T.W. Chesley  Sawyer Lake Composite Plan
1949 Ralph L. Goodwin Hillside Cemetery
1935 C.F. Page, L.K. Perley Smith Meeting House Cemetery
Unk Gilman, Walker, Lancaster, Perley, Johnson Gilmanton Range Map with clarification by Johnson
1929 Gilman, Walker, Lancaster, and Perley  Gilmanton Range Map with the addition of houses, churches, meeting houses and roads
1927 USGS Gilmanton Quadrangle
1919 USGS Gilmanton Quadrangle
1893 J. H. Jones Pine Grove Cemetery
1892 D. H. Hurd & Co Gilmanton
1860 Unk Gilmanton Center
1845 Joseph Gilman 1772, W. Walker 1808, Rev. D. Lancaster 1845 Gilmanton Range Map
1772 Plan of Gilmanton Grant Amended Gilmanton Layout
1753 Plan of Gilmanton Grant Original Gilmanton Layout
Unk R. D. Varney Gilmanton Center with buildings & names
Unk Unk Sawyer Lake District


Belknap Range Trails
Mt. Chocorua w/surrounding profiles - 1925 

Gilmanton Snowmobile Club
New Hampshire Railroad Lines-1984
Trail Map of Northern New Hampshire-Earle C. Roberts

State of New Hampshire

Date Author Subject
2019 State of NH NH Counties, Cities & Towns Map & List
1816 Philip Carrigain The State of New Hampshire
1813 Samuel Lewis The State of New Hampshire
1791 Jeremy Belknap A New Map of New Hampshire