Family Names

Bean, Joshua and Some of His Descendants  1903
Elkins  NH Genealogical Record
Frohock  Submitted Info
Gilman  The story of the Gilmans and a Gilman Genealogy of the Descendants of Edward Gilman of Hingham, England 1550-1950 by Constance Le Neve Gilman Ames
Greely_Greeley Genealogy of the Greely-Greeley Family by George Hiram Greeley 1905

Gray  Submitted Info
Ham  Submitted Info and Records
Hardy Records
Higgins  Submitted Info

Hurd  Submitted Info
Ladd  Submitted Info

Lamprey  Records
Otis  Submitted Info
Branard, Colby, Doland, Edwards, Higgins, Hodgdon, Kerwin, 
Leavitt, Levett, Maxwell, Reed, Roolf, Sawyer, Wass, Webster, Wyman,
Prescott  Records, McIntyre, Submitted Info

Shannon  Submitted Info
Varney  McIntyre
   Varney Farm    George Varney    Julia Brett Varney   
   Richard & George Varney and Bill Dow    R.F. Varney    Friend's Cemetery Donation
   Genealogy Info    Diary of Richard Varney-1899

Vaughan Genealogy  George E. Hodgdon

Wilson  Submitted Info
     Wilson Memorial Encyclopedia of NH 1919


Avery, Josiah  Submitted Info
Dame, Florence Mansfield  Diary, written while living in the Gilmanton area

Dow, Bill and Richard & George Varney
Eastman, Nehemiah  The Bench and Bar of New Hampshire
Gilman, Ada  Record
Gilman, Charles Andrew  Submitted Info

Gray, Jenness Isaac  Record
Hodgdon, Nicholas P. Hodgdon  Submitted Info
Meserve, Marguerite Emerson  Record
Nicholson, Marion Margaret Murchi  Record
Otis, Sr., Paul Find a Grave

Pervier III, Benjamin  Submitted info
Prescott III, Private Jonathan Submitted Info
Ranlet, Noah Record

Smith, Ebenezer
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