Town Meeting

Contact the appropriate Town Official for information on the annual Town Budget, Town Meeting, School District Meeting, Planning Board, Voting, and Election Process as it becomes available.

To understand the basis for the ballot and warrant articles that will be voted on, it is important to attend Board and Commission meetings leading up to the actual vote.  All public meetings are noticed. Contact town hall for additional meeting schedule information.  Board and Commissions begin consideration of zoning, budget and special warrant articles mid-year for the upcoming March ballot.

Gilmanton voters adopted the SB2 (Senate Bill 2) form of Town Meeting in 2012. This requires two sessions each for both the Town and School District Meetings.  NHMA Default Budget FAQs.

Town Meeting First Session - Deliberative Session is for the explanation, discussion, debate and amendments to the proposed operating budget and warrant articles. There are statutory restrictions to the changes voters can make to proposed articles and proposed zoning amendments cannot be amended at the deliberative session.  NH DRA SB2 Technical Assistance

School District Meeting First Session - Deliberative Session is for the explanation, discussion, debate and amendments to the proposed operating budget and warrant articles. 

Town Meeting and School District Meeting Second Session - Election/Voting Day allows voters to cast an official ballot to elect officials and to pass/fail proposed budget and warrant articles.

2020 Items
Additional Info on Town Meeting Warrant Articles - Town Administrator Posted 02/19/2020
Town Warrant - Second Session/Voting Version - 02/13/2020
Official Calendar of Important DatesNHMA 
Proposed Zoning Amendments 01/09/20 Public Hearing

General Town Meeting Info
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Town Reports

Below find full town reports listed by the date of the report. Additionally, some subjects have been extracted from the full reports for ease of research (vitals, school, etc.)  Page Footnotes are the Year of the Annual Report. Be aware, however, that report layouts have changed over the years. In a single annual report you may have town items that ended February of the prior year or current year, school items that ended June of the prior year and a warrant that was voted on during the current year. Whenever in doubt refer to the full annual report from which the extract was taken.

Annual Town Meeting Reports by Year

Extracted From Above Reports:



     Election and Ballot Results (Town & State)

     Individual Annual Reports from Departments, Boards, Commissions, Events, and Organizations

     Minutes of Town Meetings

     Resolutions - Individuals

     Resolutions - Other

     School Department (when included within Town Reports)

     Voters Guides


          As Proposed-by year
          As Voted by Category