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Burials as of 1/21/2010 Laconia Union Cemetery
Population - 1767-2020
Windstorm of 1972
Dearborn Submitted Info
Hall Submitted Info
Wilson, Capt Nathaniel  24Jun1739-16Feb1819 Submitted Info
1859 Map of Belknap County, EM Woodford
  Great map showing "Upper Gilmanton" as a separate Town soon to be renamed Belmont. Includes owners' names and community locations. Large file, be patient for download. High resolution image by Ted's Vintage Art
Anair, Hazel M - 1933 - 01Dec2022
Baldwin, Peter Arthur - 10Jul2022
Beck, Wendell E - 27Nov2022
Bennett Mary Ethel Burke - 04May1909 - 07Feb2001
Bjork, Joel Edward - 05Sep1951 - 28Sep2022
Blake MD, Jeremiah - 1890
Blake, John Carroll - 1881
Blake, Mary A - 02Apr1817 - 11Apr1900
Brown MD, George H - 1853 - 1903
Brown, Lois May Breck - 19Jan1892 - 23Jun1981
Cogswell, Clarence - 1800 - 16Nov1942
Daigle, Norman Richard - 31Dec1963 - 03Oct2022
Dow, Linda Perry - 18Sep1957 - 14Oct2022
Edgerly, Frank A - 1887 - 23Mar1959
Edgerly, Mary Rachel Morgan - 20Jun1883 - 20Feb1969
Jenkins, Donald Ralph - 01May1923 - 17Jan2009
King, Robert Edward - 01Mar1953 - 30Oct2022
Locke, James N - 21Dec1937 - 25Oct2022
Marsh, Henry E - 1891
Massie, Nancy Wharton - 23Apr1952 - 19Sep2022
Moorehead, Carl E - 07Sep1931_21Dec2022

Orange, Elizabeth - 03Mar1927
Patch, Robert R - 08Jan1942 - 16Nov2022
Place, Linda Lee Ellsworth - 01Dec1951 - 11Jul2022
Reagan, Ella Jo Robinson - 30Mar1936 - 18Jul2022
​Richardson, Janette C Stevens - 26Nov2022
Shute, George - 26Nov1908 - 22Aug2000
Smithers, Margie R Mee - 15Jul1929 - 16May2004
Smithers III, Thomas W - 06May1928 - 29Jun2008
Watson, Martha S Parsons - 1885 - 09Mar1976
GIW 1780 Blacksmith Shop  One day prior (1930's?) to being burned by the Town Courtesy/Comment
John Carter
GIW 1780 Blacksmith Shop, Oldest Blacksmith Shop in New England  1923 Leslie Jones Photo

GIW 1780 Blacksmith Shop  Postcard
Meeting House Road #52, Tax Lot 419-040-000-000 Bean/Forten/McIntyre House
The Geology of the Gilmanton Quadrangle New Hampshire  Milton Heald 1955

Pastors of New Hampshire, A Chronological Table  1878
Travels Around Town

Steep Frisky Hill Climb a Memory - Herbert Beede
Town Meeting
2021 Tax Rate Comparisons Belknap County
Default Budgets & How They Work  NHMA 2022
Ex Officio Board/Commission Members  NHMA 2022
Guide to Officers of Towns - Official Duties - Forms, Directions and Legal Decisions - New Hampshire, 1843

Poor Houses and Town Farms: The Hard Row for Paupers-Steve Taylor

Town Meeting
Fund Balance-Taking Away the Mystery  NHMA-2022 NEW!

JULY 2022
Dow Family

Primrose (County Farm) Cemetery
Conserved Properties

Tom Howe Barn & Conservation Area - 245 Meeting House Road
     NH State Register of Historic Places Application
     Property Ownership, Deeds, Map

1958 War Memorial Dedication

JUNE 2022
Bertocchi, Kathleen Hussey - 22Jan1945 - 03Jun2022
Hawkins, Carl R - 22Mar1959 - 25May2022

Kelley, Charles Gordon - 29Oct1962 - 04Jun2022
Rapoza, Mark - 24May2022
Sterns, Maurice - 25May2022
Willard, Candace Rae - 16Aug1945 - 15Jun2022

Smith Meeting House
Brief History, 2022
Brief History, Edward J. Maher, 1969
Records of the Congregational Church 1774-1819
Baptisms performed by the Revd. Isaac Smith 1775-1819
Ecclesiastical History re: Lieut Parker Morgan

Current Burial Layout
1935 Cemetery Map
2019 Boundary Plan
2005-2021 Burials
1990 Rec
ord of existing stones, Marion McIntyre
1911 Death Records

MAY 2022
The History of GilmantonWilliam Badger, to 1875
Coffin and a Box  Recently we were asked about a term used in Town Reports from the 1800s where the Town paid for the burial of individuals then living at the Town Farm.  Some of the payments listed were for "a coffin and a box".  Since burial vaults were not used at that time, especially for burials paid for by the Town, what was the "box"?  In our research we found an 1840 will that refers to a coffin and a box, the box being the shipping container to transport a body to its final resting place.  Quite interesting.  If you have a different idea of what the box was, let us know!
Foss, Lois R Towle - 1934 - 07May2022
Hubbard, Benjamin Fenton 05Jan1992 - 30Apr2022
Ilg, Robert Jay 07Apr1963 - 21Apr2022
Smith Meeting House Road  The original Smith Meeting House Road ended at Eliphlet Gilman's house (now 254 Meeting House Road, Tax Lot 419/029). It was extended 25 Feb 1779 due to the 1770 Province Road construction. The extended Smith Meeting House Road followed a straight line, up a steep hill (former Range Road) and connected with Province Road. Part of this extension was discontinued 18 Mar 1893. Thank you Paula Gilman and Jon Hall.
Province Road  Records show that the old scouting trail officially became Province Road around the years of 1768-1772 and was so-named because it was the result of the actions of Governor John Wentworth and the provincial legislature, the only carriage road in western New Hampshire built through such a process. One of the earliest highways in New Hampshire, Province Road was authorized in 1765 as a supply route from the tidewater port of Durham to the colony's northern settlements in the Coos. The section of the road through Gilmanton was built in 1770 nine years after the township was settled. Friends of Mt Sunapee 1999
Town Meeting
Financial Policies NHMA March/April 2022
Fund Balance
     Fund Balance Unassigned Ways to Use  NHGFOA 2021
     Town of Gilmanton Fund Balance Policy  01/11/2016

     Fund Balance Appropriate Level  NHMA 2017
     Fund Balance New Rules  NHMA 2010
     Fund Balance New and Improved  NHMA 2010

Property Tax Coefficient of Dispersion 2021
Property Tax Impact of a proposed Article-Estimating  NHMA 2012
Property Tax Impact of Proposed Warrant Article Based on Cost  2021
Property Tax Rate Setting Overview 2017
Property Tax Rates - Gilmanton 1997-2021
Property Tax Rates - NH Communities NH DRA
Property Tax Revaluation  NHMA 2022
Property Tax: Understanding the Math, Dispelling the Myths NHMA 2012
Transferring Funds Between Approved Purposes  NHMA 2009

APRIL 2022
Falardeau, James J - 13Dec1950-07Apr2022

MARCH 2022 (2nd update)
Conserved Properties & Public Trails
Joe Urner Trail at Meetinghouse Pond
Charles Kelley Memorial Forest

2010 US Census 
American Indian Presence in Gilmanton -
Excerpts from The History of Gilmanton 1845
Indigenous New Hampshire Collaborative Collective
   Story Map of NH Indigenous life
   Historic Indian Trails of New Hampshire
Chester B. Price, 1958
   Historic Indian Trails of New Hampshire - List of Names - Martin, 2021

     Trails in Gilmanton - Suncook Trail and Quannippe Trail
Fire Department
History of the Gilmanton Fire Department, 1970
Additional Pictures
- 1986
Memorial Day
American Legion Post 102, Ellis-Geddes-Levitt, Gilmanton, NH   (Updated)
Canole, Rita M. Vacatello - 10Jan1958 - 09Oct2021
Hiltz, Donald F - 27Jan1942 - 28Feb2022
Milton, Ivan G. - 06May1935 - 11Jan2022
Milton, Patricia F. Iverson - 02Apr1943 - 11Jan2022

Stevens, Pastor, Sherman Alfred - 12Jul1931 - 24Aug2021

Granges-More Info Available at the Gilmanton Historical Society
   Peaked Hill Grange #269 - Organized June 17, 1898. Closed in 1967 with 52  members. The last Master/President was Catherine Dunn. The last Lecturer was Robert Gale. The last Secretary was Catherine Brown. The Grange met on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at the Grange Hall located at 544 Province Road.
   Crystal Lake Grange #101 - Organized September 1, 1884. Closed in 1957 with 65 members. The last Master was Irene Davis. The last Lecturer was Iona Smith. The last secretary was Dorothea Wells. The Grange met on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at the Town Hall (GIW).
   New Hampshire State Grange - "The Grange is, and has long been, the strongest sustained organizational force working effectively towards attaining a good and full life for all citizens of rural America.

George & Steve McClary, Home on Leave(JoAnn Shattuck)
Grammy Esther McClary, 1940s(JoAnn Shattuck)
Leona McClary 1940s(JoAnn Shattuck)
McClary Farm Allens Mills Rd(JoAnn Shattuck)
New owners look to restore Gilmanton's Brick House    Photos
Culverts & Closed Drainage Systems Report  LRPC 2020
Road Surface Management SystemLRPC 2021
Unpaved Road Assessment LRPC2020-2021

Town Meeting
History of Ballots Cast
53 Ideas on How You Can Govern Better  NHMA March/April 2022
A Capital Improvements Plan is Not Just A Wish List  NHMA March/April 2022
Tax Rates 1997-2021

MARCH 2022 (1st update)
Alton Cemeteries-1978  Albert G. Barnes
Chester, NH Cemetery Inscriptions  John Carroll Chase 1869
Colonial Gravestone Inscriptions Goss 1942

Community Buildings
Gilmanton Theological Seminary The NH Repository, Rev William Cogswell, July, 1846
1979 Gilmanton Planning Board Community Survey
1790 US Census
Great Ice Storm of 1998

Tornado 1880
Iron Works Home destroyed by early morning fire

Fire Department Pictures - 1980s
Badger, Giles and His Descendants, John Cogswell Badger 1909

Barnstead Early Families From 1727 to 1970-Part1-Stuart Merrill
Barnstead Early Families From 1727 to 1970-Part2-Stuart Merrill
Barnstead Early Families From 1727 to 1970-Part3-Stuart Merrill
Barnstead Early Families From 1727 to 1970-Part4-Stuart Merrill
Barnstead Early Families From 1727 to 1970-Part5-Stuart Merrill
Battis Frank
Dudley Pedigree
Freemasonry in New Hampshire 1972
Gilman, John Vol 1, Nadine Gilman Scott, 1974

Gilman, Jr, Edward Vol 2, Nadine Gilman Scott, 2000
Gilman, Hon. John, England & American, Arthur Gilman 1869
Kimball, Joseph Family
Leavitt 1967
McClary, Frank L and Betty (Deware) 2019
McClarys, Frank, Leona, Esther, Jack, George, Marion, Joe, Steve

Mudgett, Thomas  Everett Mudgett 1996
Thompson 1904
1892 D.H. Hurd & Co Gilmanton P.O. (Corners)
1892 D.H. Hurd & Co Gilmanton Iron Works
John Stark, Hero of Bunker Hill 1975

Major General John Stark, Hero of Bunker Hill & Bennington 1728-1822  1972
Bishop, William Edward - 1940 - 24Sep2021
Buchanan, Jr, Briggs Wheeler - 1937 - 16Oct2021
D'Ambrosio, Geraldine A. Mitchell - 26Nov1942 - 16Nov2021
Davis, Phillip Malcolm - 1939 - 2022
Fortin, Paul E - 25Sept1951 - 16Feb2022

Freese, Courtland F H - 1928 - 12Dec2021
Gardner, George Eliot - 03Jan1936 - 07Nov2017

Harris, Melvin - 16Jan1934 - 29Oct2017
Kelley, Harriet E1923 - 15Oct2017
Kelley, John S - 07Aug1925 - 30Oct2017
Langley, Donald C - 04Jul1922 - 08Nov2017
MacMillan, Donald Murray02Apr1932 - 14Oct2017
Moorehead, Jeanine Louise Anair Segalini - 08Apr1933 - 18Feb2022

Normand, Nancy - 17Feb1952 - 13Jan2022
Paradise Erin E - 15May1978 - 27Oct2017

Plourde, Priscilla A Browning - 03Oct1927 - 16Jul2021
Schofield, Sally A - 01Aug1937_29Oct2017
Sidlauskas, Wanda Agnilska Shlaitas - 28Mar1919 - 12Mar2021
Tuttle, George A - 06Mar1937 - 20Feb2022

Twigg III, George Bo - 24Feb1932 - 01Dec2017
1930-1940 Supplement to NH State History of the Daughters of the American Revolution
Daughters of the American Revolution 1964-Laconia Mary Butler Chapter

Colonel Thomas Cogswell - The Granite Monthly July 1886
Page, Moses Webster - Page Belting Company 1927

NH Farm Homes 1914

Centre Congregational Church, World Order Sunday, 10/20/1974, Brief history of Gilmanton's Churches
American Indian Presence in Gilmanton - Excerpts from The History of Gilmanton 1845

Indigenous New Hampshire Collaborative Collective
   Story Map of NH Indigenous life
   Historic Indian Trails of New HampshireChester B. Price, 1958
     Trails in Gilmanton - Suncook Trail and Quannippe Trail
1786-1795-A Town Meetings & Other (1772-1806)
1786-1795-B Town Meetings & Other (1772-1806)
1729-1772 Book 1 Town Records
1787 Book 2 Town Records (1770-1793)

1792-1816 Book 3 Town Records
1813-1829 Book 4-Part 1 Town Records
1813-1829 Book 4-Part 2 Town Records
1826-1842 Book 5-Part 1 Town Records
1826-1842 Book 5-Part 2 Town Records
1828-1857 Book 6 TownRecords
1770-1796 Book 7 Town Records

Belknap County Registry of DeedsAVA Records Search Directions
Belmont History  Allan Hackett
Gilford History Rev J.P. Watson
Gilford Story Hector Bolduc
Meredith Grants, Bicentennial 1968
Old Gilmanton Matters  The Granite Monthly 1909
Spring Road Conditions 1938
Laws Governing Discontinuance of Highways Local Government Center 2004
Range Roads NHDHR 2002
1948 Town Road Aid Project - widen causeway and rebuild bridge
Town Meeting
2021 Town Report
2022 Candidate Filing
2022 Candidate Filing School
Transferring Funds Between Approved Purposes  NHMA 2009

Gilmanton-The Name  New Hampshire Town Names and Whence They Came, Elmer Munson Hunt 1970
Gilmanton Grant-The Name  New Hampshire Town Names and Whence They Came, Elmer Munson Hunt 1970

To his Excellency John Taylor Gilman, Esq.
And to the Honourable the Legislature of the State of New Hampshire
This Map commenced under their Auspices and matured by their Patronage
is most respectfully inscribed by their Obliged Servant
Philip Carrigain     Concord - 1816
Shows the original, expanded, Gilmanton town lines

Click on the picture to open a larger version
The detail on this plan is beautiful