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Belmont’s oldest home predates the town
Kelley Corner School House receives 2020 Moose Plate Grant
Interior 06/15/20 Facebook
Gilmanton School 1st trimester honor roll

The Iron Works Church was moved back from the State Highway (what year was this? 1960s?)  Pic1  Pic 2  Virginia Jahnle Collection
Rte 140, IW, Partial Relocation (Year? 1960s?)  Pic1   Pic2   Pic3   Pic4    Pic5  Virginia Jahnle Collection
IW Village (1960's?) Virginia Jahnle Collection
The Village Store, Still with Pumps!  Pic 1 Virginia Jahnle Collection
Nehemiah Bean and the Amoskeag Steam Fire Engine, Manchester Historic Association

Campbell, Joyce A Manley - 1944 - 13Jan2021
Howe, Thomas Atkinson - 20Jan1957 - 26Jan2021
Keith, Marion M McClary - 29Aug1927 - 17Jan2021

Miller, Jr, Harold W - 29Sept1949 - 30Jun2016
Oikle, George A - 1969 - 25Dec2012

2021 Important Dates for Local Officials - Traditional March Town Meeting Calendar  NHMA
Estimating the Tax Impact of a proposed Article  NHMA 2012
2020 General Election Results

King Little's Bus - Community
Minerals and Mining in Gilmanton, New Hampshire,  Candace Daigle, 1996
The Geology of New Hampshire Part III - Minerals and Mines, TR Meyers and Glenn Stewart Third Printing 1964

Secret Symbols of Cemeteries  2020 Courtney Henderson, Old Farmers Almanac
It's Not Quite the Same, But Letters, Gifts Cheer Up Gilmanton Boys Fighting Axis  1940
Cemetery Fund Donations Gratefully Accepted
Early Lunch at the Gilmanton Academy
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To his Excellency John Taylor Gilman, Esq.
And to the Honourable the Legislature of the State of New Hampshire
This Map commenced under their Auspices and matured by their Patronage
is most respectfully inscribed by their Obliged Servant
Philip Carrigain     Concord - 1816

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The detail on this plan is beautiful