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APRIL 2023

Community Buildings
GIW Town Hall Looking Good  1993
Ponder Fate of Gilmanton’s Former Post Office  1970, 8 Cat Alley, Tax Lot 127-048

Community Places
GIW-Robinson, Isaiah S Fund
Shellcamp Dam reconstruction

Fire Department
Hughes - Gilmanton Landmark Heavily Damaged by 2-Alarm Fire 1992
Quick Thinking Keeps Fire in Check  1993
Chimney Fire Gets Out of Hand in Gilmanton
Lavoie - Fire Destroys Carriage Shop  1998
Chimielecki, Frank-Two Escape Early Morning Gilmanton Fire
Gilmanton Seeks Dumpers of Leaky Home Heating Tank  2000
Pastor who suffered devastating loss of 4 daughters never lost his faith  2014 (6/29/1969)
Four-alarm brush fire breaks out in Gilmanton  2016

Town Honors Vietnam Veterans 






Camp, Susan B
 - 07Apr1948 - 06Apr2023
Guyer, Earl E - 16Jun1939 - 16Dec2022

Kelley, Matthew Willis - 31Jul1975-03Apr2023
Leblanc, Florence Partridge - 02Apr1944 - 17Feb2023
Levesque, Martha Oliveri - 30Mar2023
Parenteau, Lois Louise Stockbridge - 05May1947 - 05Jan2023
Sanborn-Switzer, Josephine M Caruso - 16May1959 - 07Feb2023
Smith, James Wayne01Feb1966 - 12Jul2022


Gilmanton Boy Scout Camp Seeks to Expand 1999
Gilmanton Historical Society
Gilmanton’s Own Market gets a test run  2017

Baiocchetti, Officer Vinnie Say No
Baxter, Jean & Bill – Retirees Discover New Careers Growing Grapes
Heidi Beck Scholarship Semi-Finalist
Mr. & Mrs. David Bickford-Anniversary
Chimielecki, Frank-Two Escape Early Morning Gilmanton Fire
Clairmont, Omar  2020

Downs, John Wood Carver  2008
Dudley, Beatrice
Dudley, Dean
Emond, Wilfred A Testimonial

Forst, Elaine – Granite State’s Top Dairy Farmer
Gardner, Amy – “Milk is Cool”

Garen, June – Workplace Violence Risk & Assessment & Resulting Plan a Must  2017
Hemlin, Nancy Continues Weaving Tradition of Finnish Family
Hughes, Emily Miss Lakes Region 2001
E-2 Stephen LaRoche
Munsey, Gloria & Maurice Anniversary
Norell, William – Gilmanton Woodworker Takes Pride in His Work  1988
Oakes, Desma  2020

Roberts, Susan named Barnstead School Officer
Roberts, Jr., Hon. George B
Derek Sawyer, Junior Editor
Sawyer, Louise New Life For Older Chairs
Smithers, Elizabeth
Stockwell, Marion

Roxey Stockwell Given Founder’s Day Award
Tonnesen, Glenn  2007
Webster, Daniel - History Interests   2012
White, Steve - Archer
Wiggins, David

Gilmanton Home Gets Attention from HGTV-513Provine Rd  2017

Police Department
Police Investigating Burglary at Home of Gilmanton Town Clerk-Tax Collector 1992

Communion Table to be Dedicated
NH Preservation Alliance’s Seven to Save list for 2019 is released  10/02/2019

Badger’s “History of Gilmanton”  5/6/1967, Citizen
Gilmanton: An historic hotbed - History  Citizen
Pauper Auctions: The "New England Method" of Public Poor Relief  Klebaner Reprint 1955

Gilmanton School Good Citizens  2012
Baiocchetti, Officer Vinnie Say No
Nature Trail & Outdoor Classroom Gilmanton Elementary School  1990

Solid Waste
Trash Options for Gilmanton Voters  2012

Smith Meeting House
Gilmanton Town Clerk-Tax Collector Helps Smith Meeting House Project  1992

MARCH 2023
Animal Control
Bounty on Porcupines 1949
Inventory-Kitchen 1943

Inventory-Allen 1943
1947 Veterans Exemption MacKenzie
Early Gilmanton & Regional Cemeteries  NH State History
Misleading Gravestone Inscriptions  NHCA March 2014 Bill & Carol Vose
Number of Cremations vs Full Burials  Catholic Cemetery January 2002
Town Map-All Cemeteries/Burial Grounds/Memorial Sites
General Details for Individual Cemeteries/Burial Grounds/Memorial Sites

Additional Information and Sites have been added to the Cemetery Page
Community Buildings
Barn formerly abutting Kelley Corner School House
Community Events
2022 Memorial Day - Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8
1963 Memorial Day - Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4
First Telephone - Gilmanton Corners  News undated
Community Places
Gilmanton Corners - Earlier and Later
Conserved Properties
Conservation Lands Map 2010
Natural Resources Co-occurrence Map 2006
Natural Resources Inventory and Appendices
Town Forests Map 2008
Unfragmented Lands Map 2005
Cogswell Mountain Conservation Area  Map
Durrell Farm Conservation Area 
   Mitchell Conservation - 2023_0313
Tom Howe Barn & Conservation Area - 245 Meeting House Road
     Named to NH State Register of Historic Places, Jul/2022
Paul & Ella Stroud Family Forest 
Thompson Town Forest Map
Joe Urner Trail Map - 07/2022
Corners Library
Library Book Chats
Fire Department
Appreciation Dinner 1989
Calendar of Events 1989
Clambake General Info 1977-1986
   Inventory & Supplies   Workers   Food
Corners Fire Department Budget 1984-86

Firemans Association-DOJ Corporate
Featured Department  LRMFAA
Forest Fire Funding 1941-1949
Gilmanton Fire Departments Management Study 1987

LRMFAA Historic 10 Codes
Old Home Day Cooking 1983
Peaked Hill Fire Department History 1955-1970
Peaked Hill Fire Station Deeds
Resignation Daigle

GIW Residential Fire, Dr. Ballard, Gilman, Canney & Emery  07/18/1928
Gilmanton Iron Works Swept by Conflagration  06/04/1915
Genealogy Family
Achilles 1776-1961
Balch 1905
Ball 1901
Batchelder, Batcheller, Bachiler
Bean, Joshua 1903
Bellows, John 1635-1898
Benson, Jacob
Blair 1900

Boreman, Bordman, Boardman 1876
Brooks 1900
Cate, Cates 1904
Caverly 1116-1880
Cilley, Gen Joseph 1st Revolutionary War 1900
Clapp, Cheney 1900
Cloyd, Basye, Tapp, Ingels, Jones, Marshall, Smith 1912
Cogswell  Submitted Info
Colcord, Edward 1630-1908
Cooke 1875
Cutter, Dr. Benjamin 1871
Davison, Davidson, Davisson 1899
Dimond Dimon, Dymont
Eastman 1901
Eaton Grange, John Eaton, Kimball 1890

Edgerly  Submitted Info
Fenno 1989
Field Vol 1   Vol 2
Gale, Tottingham
Gilbert 1850
Harriman 1907
Harris 1883
Haley, Piper, Neal, Ricker 1900
Hills, Samuel 1632
Hills, William 1632
Huckins, Robert 1916
Hurd, Hord
Hutchinson 1896
Morison, Morrison 1880
Munsey, Hopkins
Norton 1859
Olmstead 1869
Parker, Morse 1585-1915
Peters 1903
Pilsbery,Pillsbury, William & Dorothy
Prentice, Prentiss 1631-1852
Preston 1040
Rogers, Luke and Brown, Sarah Wright 1907
Sanborn, Samborne 1194-1898 Vol 1   Vol 2
Savery, Savory, Savary, Severy, Severit
Sheafe 1901
Sparhawk 1892
Stark, Gen. John 1887

Stevens, New England
Stevens, 1905

Stevens  Submitted Info
Stone 1866
Sutliff, Sutliffe, Sutcliffe
Taintor 1847
Tarleton 1900
Temple, Bowdoin 1856
Tenney 1904
Thacher, Thomas & Anthony
Thayer, Col Abraham
Thayer Family
Thompson 1907
Thornton, Matthew American Revolution 1903
Towne 1880
Urann, Gammell 1910
Usher, 1869
Warriner, William 1899
Wheatley, Wheatleigh 1902
White, William 1607-1895
Wilcomb 1655-1902
Willis 1917
Willoughby 1876
Winthrop 1864

Genealogy Research
NH Genealogical Family History Vol 1   Vol 2   Vol 3   Vol 4
Strafford & Belknap Counties Biographical Review & Life Sketches 1897

GIW LIbrary
Myrtle M. Marsh - 1947 - Bequeathed the sum of one thousand dollars to the library of Gilmanton Iron Works, NH.
Government Other Documents

Capital Improvements Plan 2010-2015
Choosing Civility: The Twenty-five Rules of Considerate Conduct  NHMA 2023
Gilmanton Master Plan 2018
Ordinance-Loon Pond Road Parking 1950
Voters List Update - Frost 1948

Zoning Ordinance 2022
Home Page
Revisions to About Gilmanton

Alton, 1892 Hurd
Barnstead, 1892 Hurd
Belmont,  1892 Hurd
Gilford1892 Hurd
Gilmanton 2006 Surficial Geologic Map, 2006 USGS

Gilmanton Snowmobile Club Trail Map 2000
Gilmanton by NH Granit  NH Geodata Multi-Layer Mapping
Meredith 1892 Hurd
Upper Gilmanton (Belmont) 1860
Zoning Map 1991
McClary, J. Frank 1950 Burial State Veterans Council
Selective Service List of Armed Forces Personnel 1944

Internet Archives World War 1 NH
Internet Archives World War II in NH 
Internet Archives Civil War in NH
A Soldier Boy's Letters (Martin A. Haynes) to "The Girl I Left Behind Me" (Cornelia T. Lane)  1916
New Hampshire in the Great Rebellion  1870
New Hampshire Surgeons in the War of Rebellion  1906
Second Regiment NH Volunteer Infantry 1896
Fourth NH Regiment Volunteers 1896
Fifth NH Regiment Volunteers 1893 

Sixth NH Regiment 1891
Eighth NH Regiment Volunteers  1892
Eighth NH Regiment Volunteers Complete Roster 1898
Ninth NH Regiment Volunteers  1895
Eleventh NH Regiment Volunteers  1891
Twelfth NH Regiment Volunteers  1897

Fourteenth NH Regiment Volunteers
Fifteenth NH Regiment Volunteers 1900
Seventeenth NH Regiment Volunteers 1898

Internet Archives Revolutionary War in NH
Natural Features
Surface Water and Wetlands Map
Adel, Jack I - 03Jul1943 - 03Mar2023
Argue, Dr., Forrest B - 1898_07May1960
Bartlett, John Gurbey - 23Dec1931 - 16Dec2022
Daigle, Virginia M Belcastro - 22Mar1931 - 07Mar2023
Green, Anastasia - 08Sep1979
Green, Peter P
 - 1954
Hubbard, Linda Lee Simonds - 20Jun1961 - 05Dec2022
Price, Pamela Ann Fell - 23Jan1959 - 24Dec2022
Sharp, Orvis Wayne - 16Oct1984
Smith, Betty Jean Judd - 09Feb2023
Wellman, John Eagle - 26Dec1939 - 31Dec2022

American Legion Auxiliary, Ellis, Geddes, Levitt
Legion Correspondence 1947
DAR NH State History 1930
Evening of Nostalgia Planned - Gilmanton Historical Society
Gilmanton Improvements Club 1948
Lower Gilmanton Community Club
The Lucile Hawkins Gilman Memorial Scholarship

People News
Bishop, Sunny &  Marshall News Undates
Bragg Georgie E and Robbins Roscoe D Marriage  News undated
Brown, Earl
Chalmers, Lillian Eveleth
Dawson, Robert & Lee
Edgerly, Frank A
Eveleth, Hannah Jane
Foss, Richard & Lois
French, Sylvester F and Mercy

Gates, Kenneth - Burros  News undated
Geddes, Jack
Golding, Doris Chalmers

Green, Emma and Lane, Ernest Marriage  News undated
Hawkins, Lucile
McIntyre, Philip E

Morgan, Alice News undated
Nelson, George PTA Honor News undated
Page, Curtis Hidden Senatorial Candidate  News undated
Page, Deacon Luther and Mrs. Wedding Anniversary  News Undated
Peaslee, Charles Hazen
Robinson, Isaiah S
Sawyer, Janice
Schutt, Martha Ann Golding
Shepard, John 
Shlaitas, Mary A

Gales Mill  1853 Grist Mill

Scenic Parking Proposal  2022
Chief Currier's Appointment 2003
Officer Springer's Resignation 1948
Old Town Road #3, Tax Lot 115-006-000-000, Webster's Store Memories 2023
Public Officials
Selectman's Resignation-1949
Addresses and Proceedings Centennial Anniversary of the Congregational Church of Sanbornton, NH - 1871
History and Significance Part II
Centre Church Bell from Goshen  News undated
Resources - Research
Barnstead History from its first settlement 1727 to 1872
Barnstead Reunion 1882
Belknap and Merrimack Counties History 1885
Doctors, Early 1778-1790
Gilmanton Historical and Miscellaneous  Collections Farmer and Moore1823
Gilmanton Mail Delivery 1863

Gilmanton Topographical, Historical, and Biographical   Hill and Moore 1822
Military History of the State of NH from its Settlement in 1623 to the Rebellion in 1861
New Hampshire Agricultural Society Exhibition 1852
New Hampshire History from discovery to 1830
New Hampshire History 1916     Vol 3   Vol 4
Sanbornton, NH History 1882  Vol 1   Vol 2
Sons of New Hampshire Second Festival 1854
Posting Town Highways  Local Government Center 2023
Guinea Ridge Road - Resurface 1946

Middle Route  Complaint 1950
1949 Road Agent Resignation
Per Mile Costs 1949
South Road
State Gas Tax Funding 1949
Thistle Road 1947
Wages Report TRA & SAC 1948
Wages Report 1946
Wooden Snow Fence
Correspondence-Lyman Academy Brook 1948-49
Finances 1947
Stories of New Hampshire - 300 years of education  Eva A. Speare
Old Town Road #3, Tax Lot 115-006-000-000, Webster's Store Memories 2023
Gilmanton Academy 2023
Granite, Walls & Quarries - Community
George Kelley's Memories - Paula Gilman
Webster, Daniel

Webster's Store Memories 2023
Lower Gilmanton News Dec 1947
Through the Years 1904
Town Meeting
2023 Town/School Meeting Ballots plus write-ins
Village District/Precinct
Funding 1947
Veterans Buried In Gilmanton Feb. '23 (alphabetically)

White, Francis "Butch"  Daily Sun 11/28/2017

To his Excellency John Taylor Gilman, Esq.
And to the Honourable the Legislature of the State of New Hampshire
This Map commenced under their Auspices and matured by their Patronage
is most respectfully inscribed by their Obliged Servant
Philip Carrigain     Concord - 1816
Shows the original, expanded, Gilmanton town lines

Click on the picture to open a larger version
The detail on this plan is beautiful